Drug of Abuse Rapid Cassette Test-BAR Urine Test Cassette-colloidal Gold

The BAR One Step Barbiturates Test Device is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of Barbiturates in urine at a cut-off concentration of 300 ng/mL of secobarbital.

Product Details

Drug Of Abuse Rapid Cassette Test Barbital (BAR) Urine Test Cassette

 (Colloidal Gold)

1.Product Description

(1)Barbital is used in anticonvulsant, sedation, hypnosis, etc. The effect can last for about 1-16 hours.However, it inhibits pontine reticular formation and rapid eye movement sleep. The discontinuation of drug may lead to rapid eye movement sleep rebound after short-term dose, which is specifically suffering nightmares and malaise. Once taking barbital, it is quite hard to quit. As a result, the body will strongly depend on the drug and be tolerant, even leading to abuse.

(2)Qualitative detection method and monoclonal antibody technique is applied. There is no instrument required in testing. The threshold value of Barbital in the product is 300ng/ml.

2.Materials Provided

(1)Test devices

(2)Disposable specimen droppers

(3)Package insert

BAR Barbital test

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