Hair Drug Quantitative Analyzer

Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer and Supporting Rapid Test Kit.

Product Details

 Hair Drug Quantitative Analyzer 

1. Product Details

(1) Product Name: Hair Drug Quantitative Analyzer

(2) Test item: Morphine, Methamphetamine, Ketamine, Tetrahydrocannabis, Cocaine

(3) Specimen: Hair

(4) Test time: 3 minutes

(5) Minimum detection limit: 0.1 ng/mg

Hair Drug Quantitative Analyzer.png

Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer Box

2. Materials Provided in the box

(1) Analyzer

(2) Power line

(3) Professional hair scissor

(4) Disposable gloves

(5) Weighing paper

(6) Evidence bag

(7) Hair lysate 

(8) Test kit

3. Precautions

(1) When collecting hair samples, you need to close the scalp and cut the collected hair in a clean paper bag or valve bag.

(2) When collecting the hair of different people, wipe the scissors with alcohol cotton in the box to prevent cross-contamination.

(3) Different batches of test kits cannot be mixed, and ID cards and test cards must not be mixed with different batches.

(4) The tests card and its components are only applicable to the Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer produced by Hangzhou Laihe Biotech Co., Ltd.

4. At present, we're offering a series of DOA test product formats as below:

No.FormatSpecimenTest Item

Single Detection:

Customized drugs


Combo Detection:

Combination of customized drugs above 

5Hair POCT AnalyzerHair

(Under Development)

Saliva POCT Analyzer Saliva 

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