Multi-Drug Urine Test Integrated Cup

A rapid, one step screening test for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites in human urine.

Product Details

Multi-Drug Urine Test Integrated Key Cup

1. Product Description

(1) Product Name: Multi-Drug Urine Test Integrated Key Cup

(2) Format: Cup

(3) Test Item:Any combination of the following drugs: AMP/BAR/BZO/COC/THC/MTD/MET/MDMA/MOP/OPI/OXY/PCP/PPX/TCA

(4) Specimen: Urine

(5) Storage:2-30°C

The Multi-Drug Urine Test Integrated Cup is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites in urine at the following cut-off concentrations:

Amphetamine (AMP 1,000)d-Amphetamine1000 ng/mL
Amphetamine (AMP 300)d-Amphetamine300 ng/mL
Barbiturates (BAR)Secobarbital300 ng/mL
Benzodiazepines (BZO)Oxazepam300 ng/mL
Cocaine (COC)Benzoylecgonine300 ng/mL
Marijuana (THC)11-nor-Δ 9 -THC-9 COOH50 ng/mL
Methadone (MTD)Methadone300 ng/mL
Methamphetamine (MET)d-Methamphetamine1,000 ng/mL





500 ng/mL
Morphine (MOP 300)Morphine300 ng/mL
Opiates (OPI 2,000)Morphine2,000 ng/mL
Oxycodone (OXY)Oxycodone100 ng/mL
Phencyclidine (PCP)Phencyclidine25 ng/mL
Propoxyphene (PPX)Propoxyphene300 ng/mL
Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA)Nortriptyline1,000 ng/mL

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2. Principle

TheMulti-Drug Urine Test Integrated Key Cup is an immunoassay based on theprinciple of competitive binding. Drugs which may be present in the urine specimen compete againsttheir respective drug conjugate for binding sites on their specific antibody.

During testing, a urine specimen migrates upward by capillary action. A drug, if present in the urinespecimen below its cut-off concentration, will not saturate the binding sites of its specific antibody. Theantibody will then react with the drug-protein conjugate and a visible colored line will show up in the test lineregion of the specific drug strip. The presence of drug above the cut-off concentration will saturate all thebinding sites of the antibody. Therefore, the colored line will not form in the test line region.

A drug-positive urine specimen will not generate a colored line in the specific test line region of thestrip because of drug competition, while a drug-negative urine specimen will generate a line in the testline region because of the absence of drug competition.

To serve as a procedural control, a colored line will always appear at the control line region, indicatingthat proper volume of specimen has been added and membrane wicking has occurred.

3. Materials Provided

(1) Cup with integrated One Step Multi-Drug Screen Test Card

(2) Security seal label

(3) Package insert

(4) Procedure Card

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