HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Midstream

HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Midstream (Urine) is a rapid, one step test for the qualitative detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in urine, as an aid for the early detection of pregnancy. The test is intended for in vitro diagnostic self-testing.

Product Details

HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Midstream

1. Product Details

Product Name: The HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Midstream

Format: Midstream

Test Item: Human Chromatographic Immunoassay

Specimen: Urine

Storage: 4-30°C

HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Midstream.jpg

2. Principle

The HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Midstream adopts the principles of double antibody sandwich method and immunochromatography to test the Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine. The membrane is pre-coated with anti-HCG antibodies in the region (T) and anti-mouse antibodies in the control region (C). During testing, the urine sample reacts upward on the membrane to react with anti-HCG antibodies in the test region and generate a red line. Presence of the red line indicates a positive results, while its absence indicates a negative results. Regardless of the presence of HCG, as the mixture continues to migrate across the control region, a red line at the region will always appear. The presence of its red line serves as verification for sufficient sample volume and proper flow and as a control for the reagents.

3. How To Use

(1) Remove the midstream test from the foil pouch and familiarize yourself with the product.

(2) Remove the Cap and Hold the midstream test by the capped Thumb Grip with the exposed Absorbent Tip pointing downward directly into your urine stream for at least 10 seconds until it is thoroughly wet. See the illustration below.

Directions for Use.jpg

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