Hair Drug Test Kit

MET KET COC Hair Drug Test Kit and Hair Drug Rapid Analyzer.

Product Details

Hair Drug Test Kit

1. Product Details

Hair Drug Test Kit

2. Corollary Materials

(1) Hair lysate

(2) ID card

(3) Test cassette

(4) Machine (Hair Drug Rapid Test Analyzer)

Hair Drug Trace Analyzer

Hair Drug Test Kit

3. Segmentation analysis of hair and history of drug abuse

The hair growth rate is about 1 cm per month, and the drug combined with hair will grow forward with hair instead of spreading along the hair shaft. Hair is marked as roots, ends and cut into several sections, and each section was measured separately. According to the measurement of result and the growth rate of hair, the time of drug absorption and the amount of drug use could be speculated roughly. This is the blood, urine toxicity analysis which are currently unable to do, and that is one of the reasons  for the preference of toxicological analysis workers.

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