KET Hair Drug Test

KET Ketamine Hair Drug Test cassette and Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer.

Product Details

KET Hair Drug Test

KET Hair Drug Test

1. Product Details

(1) Product Name: KET Hair Drug Test

(2) Test item: KET (Ketamine)

(3) Specimen: Hair

(4) Minimum detection limit: 0.1 ng/mg

(5) Corollary machine: Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer

KET Hair Drug Test (2)

2. Interpretation of the results

When the detection result of KET< 0.1ng/mg, it is judged to be Negative.

When the detection result of KET≥ 0.1ng/mg, it is judged to be Positive.

3. Cautions

(1) Hair sample collection: cling to scalp clipping, and collect the hair in a clean paper bag or a self sealing bag.

(2) This product is disposable use of in vitro diagnostic kits. Do not reuse. Do not use expired products.

(3) Appropriate protection measures should be taken in collecting, disposing, storing, mixing samples and testing.

(4) Do not open the sealed aluminum foil bag of the product before using. Do not use the kit with obvious damage. Do not read the package damaged test ID card.

(5) Different batches of test kits cannot be mixed. ID cards and test kits must be matched with the same batch number.

(6) The test kit and its components are only suitable for the hair drug trace analyzer of Hangzhou Laihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

(7) Do not insert the test kit which is wetted by other liquids into the analyzer, otherwise it will pollute or damage the instrument. The used test cards should be properly handled and not discarded at will.

(8) The High temperature of the experimental environment should be avoided. The test kit stored at low temperature need be restored to room temperature before using to avoid moisture absorption.

(9) Test kits and the hair drug trace rapid analyzer should avoid the trembling and electromagnetic environment in use; the vibration of instrument itself is normal in the vibration of instrument itself; Do not pull out ID card when testing is carried out.

(10) Each aluminum foil bag has a desiccant, DO NOT EAT.

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