MET Hair Drug Test Cassette

MET Methamphetamine Hair Drug Test cassette and Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer.

Product Details

MET Hair Drug Test Cassette

MET Hair Drug Test Cassette

1. Product Details

(1) Product Name: MET Hair Drug Test Cassette

(2) Test item: MET (Methamphetamine)

(3) Specimen: Hair

(4) Minimum detection limit: 0.1 ng/mg

(5) Corollary machine: Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer

2. Detection Method

(1) Preparation: turn on the hair drug trace analyzer of Hangzhou Laihe Biotech Co., Ltd.

(2) Before testing, restored the test kit, hair lysate buffer and the ID card to room temperature (15-30°C). Suggest opening them after restoring to room temperature (15-30°C)

(3) Read the ID card: confirm whether the ID card is matched with the batch number of the test kit, insert the ID card, and click on the confirmation button on the analyzer's screen to read the ID card, then the kit can be detected.

(4) Select "hair" in the sample type on the instrument's screen.

(5) Cut 5mg hair (about 10*10cm length hair) that to be detected into 1-2mm section with the scissors, collected by a weighing paper, then shake it into the centrifuge tube containing the hair lysate buffer, cover the centrifuge tube cap, shake and mix for 1 minutes. Use the dropper to absorb the supernatant of hair lysate buffer and added two drops into the sample hole of the test kit's plate.

(6) Readings: the test kits' react time is about 3 minutes after adding the sample, and then insert the test kit into the instrument immediately after the reaction ends. Click the "test" button. The system will automatically read theTest kit and give the test results. After 5 minutes, the test result is invalid.

3. Result Interpretation

When the detection result of MET< 0.1ng/mg, it is judged to be negative

When the detection result of MET≥ 0.1ng/mg, it is judged to be positive.

MET Hair Drug Test Cassette (2)

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