POCT NT-pro BNP Rapid Quantitative Test Kit CE Mark

This product is used for in vitro quantitative detection of human whole blood, serum, plasma samples of procalcitonin (PCT) content. proc alcitonin (PCT) content.

Product Details

POCT NT-pro BNP Rapid Quantitative Test Kit
(Whole blood/serum/plasma)

1. Product Description

(1)Specification: 10 pcs, 25 pcs, 50 pcs, 100 pcs/box, or customized


(3)Corollary machine:POCT Analyzer blood diagnostic machine FA-LF100B

POCT NT-pro BNP Rapid Quantitative Test Kit CE Mark

2. Material Provided

(1)Test Kit

(2)ID card


(4)Empty Tube

3. Precautions

(1)The product is a disposable in-vitro diagnostic quantative test kit. Please do not reuse the test device. Do not use after expiration date.

(2)Please take appropriate protective measures during sample collecting, disposing, storing, blending and detecting.

(3)Please do not open the sealed pouch unless using to test. Do not use the diagnostic kit if there is apparent damage on it. Do not use the test device if the packing is damaged.

(4)Test device with different lot number shall not be mixed in determination. Do not use ID chips and test devices with different lot number.

(5)The test devices and other components are applied only to the immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer manufactured by Hangzhou Laihe Biotech Co., Ltd.

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