POCT Test Kits Inflammation Test Diagnostic Kit Rapid Test PCT CRP HSCRP High Sensitivity Quality with CE Mark

Quantitative detection result with POCT analyzer. New launched products. Hot sale in China!

Product Details

POCT PCT/CRP/hsCRP Rapid Test Kit
(Whole blood/serum/plasma)


1. Product Description

(1)Product name: POCT PCT/CRP/hsCRP Rapid Test Kit

(2)Specification: 10 pcs, 25 pcs, 50 pcs, 100 pcs/box, or customized

(3)Specimen: Whole blood/serum/plasma



(6)MOQ:10,000 PCS

(7)Specimen:Human serum/plasma/whole blood

(8)Corollary machine:POCT Analyzer blood diagnostic machine FA-LF100B

2. Application
   PCT:Sepsis Monitoring


    Sepsis Diagnosis


(Note:The cut-off value 2.0ng/ml is for reference only. Clinical departments shall adjust according to patient's situation.)

3. CRP/hsCRP

(1)Differential diagnosis of virus infection and bacterial infection.

(2)CRP relating with cardiovascular disease (CVD).

(3)Accurate early diagnosis in pregnant women with amniorrhexis premature delivery.


< 1.0 mg/L

Cardiovascular disease risk: Low risk

1.0-3.0 mg/L

Cardiovascular disease risk: Moderate risk
Anti-inflammatory therapy is recommended.

> 3.0 mg/L

Cardiovascular disease risk: High risk
Anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic therapy is recommended.


      < 10 mg/L   

Less possibility of bacterial infection or bacterium are eradicated

10-25 mg/L 

Virus infection signal
When course is short, bacterial infection is possible. Re-check after hours.

25-50 mg/L

Virus/bacterial infection signal

50-100 mg/L

Usually bacterial infection
Virus infection is uncommon.

> 100 mg/L

Bacterial infection signal
Less possibility of virus infection

4. Corollary Test and Machine



5. Factory and Facility


6. Service

Customers would be provided with below services if you are interested in our products.
(1)Customized order like different device color, different sensitivity are all available.

(2)Professional recommendations on test choice for customers.

(3)Free samples available.

(4)Competitive prices.

(5)In time delivery.

(6)Quality assurance.

7. Our Advantages

(1)Low MOQ

(2)OEM and ODM service available.

(3)Factory sale directly with much competitive price.

(4)Good Quality Control. There are 3 times quality checking before delivery.

(5)Free samples are available. Even customized test kits are also available. We guarantee that the samples and mass production tapes would be satisfied.

(6)All of the customers' samples/orders would be recorded and maintained secrecy. Customers can re-order with convenience and satisfactory.

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