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China's market demand for POCT products - Infectious diseases test POCT products

Apr 08, 2018

In the epidemic trend of infectious diseases in China, the number of viral hepatitis patients ranks first.Therefore, the market size of hepatitis POCT products is very large and is expected to exceed other products.Hepatitis is the most prominent public health problem in China.Hepatitis B problems in China With more attention from all over the world,the national sero-epidemiological survey of viral hepatitis shows that the prevalence of hepatitis B virus is 57.6%, and the hepatitis B virus carrier rate is 9.75%,that is, 690 million people in China have been infected with hepatitis B virus,among which there are B in China. There are 120 million hepatitis virus carriers,accounting for 1/10 of the total population of China, accounting for 1/3 of the total hepatitis B virus carriers in the country.The total cost of direct medical treatment for the symptomatic treatment of hepatitis in China is over 100 billion yuan each year.

The estimated number of hepatitis C virus infections in China amounts to 38 million,of which approximately 50% carry the virus, that is,19 million carriers, which is the highest in the world.The number of people infected with hepatitis C virus infection has risen significantly.China has listed hepatitis C as One of the focuses of hepatitis prevention and treatment in China. In 2012, hepatitis C will be listed as one of the twelve major diseases.