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Drug test kits POCT products

Apr 12, 2018

Drug-based POCT products are mainly test strip products.The gold standard method is used for urine testing.The main features are fast,convenient, portable,and high accuracy.Global POCT products are a hot topic and widely used in customs,border inspections, commodity inspections, drug detoxification centers, hospitals, army recruitment, high-risk population surveys, screening of special industry and recruitment medical examinations, and food hygiene inspections by health and anti-epidemic agencies.

According to the national anti-drug report, the annual growth rate of newly registered drug addicts in China is higher than 15%. Considering the strengthening of anti-drug and anti-drug measures and the impact of toxic drug inspection policies that may be introduced soon, it is expected that the drug POCT products in the next few years in China The market growth rate can reach about 20%.