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Give full play to the role of POCT in community medical service system

Jan 30, 2018

The implementation of POCT conforms to the development trend of the diagnostic reagent industry. On the one hand, in the future, diagnostic reagents will move towards high integration and automated diagnostic instruments. Nowadays the medical diagnostic market in the world has entered into a market dominated by technology, automation and high-tech Development model, and diagnostic reagents to keep up with the pace of the times must be towards high integration and automation direction. On the other hand, POCT diagnostic reagents will also be toward rapid and simplistic development. Fast and effective, simple and popular diagnostic reagents is the choice of new medical reform had to make.

In conclusion, POCT is an inevitable result of the development of laboratory medicine and an inevitable trend of miniaturization of instruments and simplification of operating procedures driven by advances in science and development of science and technology. POCT has played a huge role in the medical care of emergency and critical care, and the role of POCT alone in the community health system has not been fully realized. This is also an important manifestation of POCT's broad vitality and development prospects.

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