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How to Prevent Dengue Fever

Jun 26, 2018

1. Manage the source of infection

Local endemic areas or areas likely to be endemic should monitor and forecast dengue fever outbreaks, early detection, early diagnosis, and timely isolation and treatment. Specific laboratory tests should be performed as soon as possible to identify light patients. Suspicious patients should be given medical observations. Patients should be isolated in a sick room with a screened screen door. The isolation time should be no less than 5 days. Strengthen frontier health quarantine.

2. Cut off the route of transmission

Anti-mosquito and mosquito eradication are basic measures to prevent this disease. Improve the hygiene environment, eradicate breeding places for Aedes mosquitoes, and clean up stagnant water. Spray mosquito killer to eliminate adult mosquitoes.

3. Protect vulnerable people

Raise people's resistance to disease, pay attention to balanced diet nutrition, work and rest, proper exercise, and enhance physical fitness. During the epidemic, insect repellents are applied to susceptible people to prevent mosquito bites.