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POCT applications

Jan 15, 2018

POCT applications

1.Clinical application

In the clinical field, POCT's main advantage is to shorten the sample turn around time (TAT), to achieve the purpose of rapid diagnosis and treatment, reducing the patient's residence time in the clinic. Not only improve the efficiency of medical work, but also to patient satisfaction.

In the hospital, POCT medical equipment is widely used, including hospital emergency department, ICU, respiratory department, cardiology, operating room and other clinical departments. This technology complements traditional tests in terms of timeliness and flexibility, and also makes up for the shortage of testing resources in primary hospitals. For example, the POCT can only meet the urgent need for clinicians to report these indicators quickly and accurately so that correct clinical decisions can be quickly made and life saved.

Faced with the new round of reform of the medical system in our country, POCT is expected to contribute to the breakthrough of the monopoly of large-scale imported equipment and to the enhancement of medical care at the grassroots level, especially in rural areas in the construction of the new rural cooperative medical system.

Although the relative cost of POCT is high from the standpoint of "single test cost", the comprehensive cost of POCT in clinical application is low, and POCT can reduce the resource occupation (including patient's hospitalization time, sampling time, medical staff's occupancy time, etc.).

2.Health management applications

The widespread use of home glucose meters is a successful example of POCT technology for chronic disease management. Since entering the new era, the transformation of medical model and health philosophy has become a powerful driving force for the development of POCT. Medical treatment has gone through family medical care, community health care, and primary-level hospital development to large center-level hospitals, a disease-centered medical model. Since we stepped into this century, with the development of technology, the increasing demand for individualized medical services has led to the development of a health-care model that regulates the return of home and community health care to the disease diagnosis and treatment mode with the hospital as the core and the symptomatic treatment. . This poses a clear need for testing medicine to miniaturize the testing equipment and simplify the testing method.

Apply the new concept of POCT medical service to form an organic integration with telemedicine and visualized medical services, provide a humane medical service mode for medical audiences at all levels, establish a new medical service mode, save medical service resources and reduce the cost of medical service for the country Play a positive role in promoting.

3.bio-emergency areas of application

POCT testing is the first choice for first aid providers in disasters. Over the years, the experience of handling emergencies and disasters worldwide has proved the role and feasibility of POCT. POCT is the decision-making for emergent disposal, first aid implementation, environmental inspection and early warning start-up of related administrative departments under emergency situations such as the outbreak of infectious diseases, disaster medical rescue, food safety accidents, biological anti-terrorism emergency, inspection and quarantine and illegal drug screening Provide a scientific basis for the preparation of the corresponding plan laid the foundation. POCT addresses the need for rapid on-site detection and emergency response by rapidly and quantitatively detecting "unknown targets" in suspicious samples at the "scene of the incident" as soon as possible, thereby enhancing the ability and standards for handling biological contingencies. POCT will undoubtedly provide strong support to national biosafety, people's health, economic development and social stability.