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POCT clinical applications more and more wide

Jan 31, 2018

Due to POCT instrument portable, easy to operate, timely and accurate results and a series of advantages, POCT products are widely used. From the test items to points, mainly in blood glucose testing, blood gas and electrolyte analysis, rapid blood coagulation test, rapid diagnosis of cardiac markers, drug abuse screening, urine analysis, dry biochemical tests, pregnancy tests, fecal occult blood analysis, Food pathogens screening, hemoglobin testing, detection of infectious diseases, triglycerides and cholesterol testing of blood lipids and other 13 major projects. Especially for critically ill patients, POCT applications have been extended to detect all aspects of physiological functions.

Points from the application areas, POCT applications are mainly concentrated in the eight fields.

From the professional point of view of use, POCT's main applications can be divided into professional markets and home markets.

The most common applications in professional markets are:

The important department of the hospital cardiology, emergency department, anesthesiology and ICU. The items include myocardial infarction / heart failure (BNP), troponin (TnI), myoglobin, CK_MB and triple detection; inflammation: procalcitonin PCT, C-reactive protein CRP; blood gas: blood oxygen, carbon dioxide; blood electrolytes and metabolites (blood sugar, lactate, etc.).

Grassroots hospitals and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Projects include infectious disease screening (HBV five, HCV, HIV, syphilis, etc.), pregnancy testing, occult blood and so on.

The most common home market applications are:

Blood sugar: Glucose blood sugar

Sex hormones: HcG pregnancy, LH ovulation

Infectious disease self-test: HBV, HCV, HIV, syphilis and so on

Cardiovascular diseases

Kidney function

Scientific and technological progress to promote the rapid development of POCT industry

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