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Point-of-Care Diagnostics Global Market – Forecast to 2023

Jan 10, 2018

Point of care tests, also called near-patient testing or bedside testing, refers to the performance of diagnostic tests at or near the site where the patient is located and helps in obtaining accurate results in a very short period of time. It can be performed by non-laboratory personnel and the main benefit of POCT is to make tests more convenient and immediately to the patient that helps doctors/physician to receive the results quicker, enabling clinicians to support the timely diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of patients. It can be performed by non-laboratory personnel and the results are used for clinical decision making.The Point of care diagnostics market is segmented based on their products, technology, prescription mode, sample types, end-users, and geography.The global POCT market by products is segmented into glucose monitoring kits, infectious diseases testing kits, coagulation monitoring kits, hematology testing kits, pregnancy and fertility testing kits, cardiometabolic testing kits, tumor/cancer markers, urinalysis kits, cholesterol testing kits, drugs-of-abuse testing kits and others.

The glucose monitoring kits are further segmented into self-glucose monitoring and continuous glucose monitoring kits.The point of care diagnostics global market is expected to grow at single digit CAGR to reach $26,331.1 million by 2023.