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Significance of POCT promotion in community hospitals

Jan 30, 2018

One of the most pressing problems in the construction of grassroots medical service system is the capacity-building for the diagnosis of important diseases and common diseases. It is undeniable that the level of hardware and software in primary health care institutions is different from large-scale general hospitals and large specialized hospitals. But it is an integral part of the healthcare system and has the unique advantage that other healthcare facilities do not have. One of the key factors is that the diagnosis level of grassroots medical institutions lags behind seriously. The construction of POCT ability is an important way to solve this problem, so as to enrich the function of primary medical and health service network and improve the quality of primary health care Institutional service level and quality. Enjoy a higher level of medical diagnosis service without guaranteeing community status, and then reduce the basic medical and health service costs for urban and rural residents and improve the service volume of primary health care.

According to the current situation, grassroots hospitals can basically do this. However, the premise of doing so is to be able to accurately distinguish "serious illness from minor illness in primary hospitals; for example, when patients complain of their heart In the former area, if there is a low-cost detection technique in 10 minutes to determine if the case is acute myocardial infarction, it will greatly improve the level of primary medical institutions and enhance the people's trust in primary medical institutions, On the other hand, POCT diagnostic technology can also give full play to the advantages of grass-roots medical institutions close to the masses, can expand the scope of a wide range of diagnosis and prevention of various diseases, the real To achieve not only saving lives but also realizing the important practice of "prevention-oriented" medical and health undertakings.

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