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The Classification of Drugs

Jul 11, 2018

From the source of drugs, it can be divided into three categories: natural drugs, semi-synthetic drugs and synthetic drugs. Natural drugs are drugs that are extracted directly from the original drug plants, such as opium. Semi-synthetic drugs are synthesized from natural drugs and chemicals, such as heroin. Synthetic drugs are made entirely by organic synthesis, such as ice.

From the role of drugs in the human central nervous system, it can be divided into inhibitors, stimulants and hallucinogens. Inhibitors inhibit the central nervous system and have sedative and relaxing effects, such as opium. Stimulants can stimulate the central nervous system and cause excitement, such as amphetamines. Hallucinogens can cause hallucinations, leading to self-distorting and splitting of thoughts, such as mescaline.

From the natural attributes of drugs, they can be divided into narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs. Narcotic drugs are anesthetic effects on the central nervous system, and continuous use of drugs that are prone to physical dependence, such as opium. Psychotropic drugs are drugs that act directly on the central nervous system, excite or inhibit, and continue to use drugs that produce dependence, such as amphetamines.