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The classification of in vitro diagnostic reagents

Mar 09, 2018

According to the main functions can be divided into biochemistry, blood gas, microbes, blood clotting, blood cells, molecular diagnostics, urine, etc., there are some in vitro diagnostics that contain multiple test items, such as blood stasis, multi-item quality control products.

According to the detection environment and conditions, in vitro diagnosis is divided into clinical laboratory in vitro diagnosis andpoint of care testing (POCT), in which the former is mainly completed by professionals and takes a long time, but the quality of test results is higher, while the latter can be operated by non-professionals, with rapid detection, mainly focused on blood glucose detection, blood gas and electrolyte analysis, rapid blood clot detection, rapid diagnosis of cardiac markers, drug abuse screening, urine analysis, dry biochemistry test, pregnancy test, feces Blood occult blood analysis, food pathogen screening, hemoglobin testing, infectious disease testing, triglyceride and cholesterol lipids, including 13 items.