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What is a tumor marker

Jan 11, 2018

Because of the high prevalence of cancer, people are now talking about cancer discoloration, all hoping to find a way to prevent cancer, away from the torture of illness. Cancer prevention is now the best way to prevent cancer, as long as the relevant checks done regularly, you can take preventive measures. Tumor markers, also known as tumor markers, refer to those substances that are characteristic of malignant tumor cells or abnormally produced by malignant tumor cells, or produced by the host in response to tumors and can reflect tumorigenesis and development , A class of substances that monitor the response of a tumor to treatment. Tumor markers are present in the tissues, body fluids and excretions of cancer patients and can be detected immunologically, biologically, and chemically.

Tumor Markers After more than one hundred years of development history, hundreds of tumor markers have been discovered and studied. Although there are not many markers with definite diagnosis so far, they can be successfully applied to the clinical diagnosis, treatment and tracing of tumors Recurrence and metastasis of the marker only 20 species. These are routinely used in tumor detection reagents have important auxiliary diagnostic significance and value. The complete Genome Amplification Kit manufactured by Prandtl Medical Devices uses MDA (Multiplex Displacement Amplification) to efficiently amplify ng or even pg grade trace DNA up to 10-40 μg high in 16 hours Whole genome DNA coverage. The isothermal amplification reaction system is optimized to achieve the undifferentiated amplification of the whole genome of the micro sample. The amplified product is between 2 and 100 kb in size and the average fragment length is greater than 20 kb, which is widely used in the second generation sequencing and large fragment copy number Mutation analysis, microsatellite analysis, qPCR analysis, gene chip analysis.


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