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What is Ketamine and Its Harm

Aug 24, 2018

Separating anesthetic, the main ingredient is medically known as ketamine, the full name is 2-o-chlorophenyl-2-methylaminocyclohexanone, which is a derivative of phenylcyclopiperidine (PCP). Because its physical shape is usually white powder, and the first letter of the English name is K, it is commonly called "K" powder. It is generally used as an anesthetic in medical medicine.

First successfully synthesized by American pharmacist Calvin Stevens in 1962, initially discovered as an effective anesthetic, allegedly used as a veterinary anesthetic for the first time.

Taking ketamine can be excited about the cardiovascular, excessive consumption can be fatal, with a certain spiritual dependence. After K powder addiction, under the influence of drugs, the smoker will shake his head madly, and it is easy to shake the cervical vertebra; at the same time, the crazy swing will cause heart and respiratory failure. Excessive or long-term use can cause fatal damage to the heart, lungs, and nerves. Damage to the central nervous system is more severe than methamphetamine.