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What is the diagnostic kit?

Dec 23, 2017

Diagnostic kit refers to the human body fluid, blood and other substances that reflect human health to make qualitative and quantitative testing. Diagnostic kit is mainly suitable for the detection of senile dementia, its advantages are easy to operate, short time.

Laihe Biotech have a team of experienced scientists researching and developing diagnostic products, and have already built an independent POCT platform which including various rapid test products like Cardiac Marker Series (cTnI, NT-proBNP, H-FABP, etc.), Inflammation Series (ds-CRP, PCT, etc.), Tumor Marker Series (AFP, CEA, etc.), Diabetes Monitoring Series (HbA1c), Fertility Series (TORCH) and Infectious Diseases Series. We continue to be innovative, and promote in-vitro diagnostic products in a miniaturized, individualized, family-oriented and low-cost way.