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2018 World Hepatitis Day

Jul 27, 2018

Viral hepatitis B and hepatitis C are major health challenges affecting 325 million people worldwide. Both are the root cause of liver cancer, causing 1.34 million deaths each year.

Both hepatitis B and hepatitis Care chronically infected and may not develop symptoms for long periods of time, sometimes for years or decades. At least 60% of liver cancer cases are caused by the lack of timely detection and treatment of viral hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

WHO has designated the theme of World Hepatitis Day in 2018 as “Detecting and Treating Hepatitis”. WHO and the Mongolian government will host a series of 2018 World Hepatitis Day commemorations in Ulaanbaatar.

These events will engage senior leaders, advocates and patient representatives from global, regional and national organizations, emphasizing innovative solutions and partnerships needed to expand hepatitis testing and treatment services, while celebrating the country's global response to hepatitis. The supporting role played by the parties. Timely detection and treatment of viral hepatitis B and C can save lives.