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Brazil Demands More, Fueling IVD Market

Jul 04, 2017

It is reported thatBrazil is one of the largest market in vitro diagnostic, The healthcare market researcher said Brazil is a country in which it owned 205.8 million people in 2016 , as well as it has a market over $900 million. Not only the Brazil's healthcare system depend on public and private spending, but also private health spending in the private sector at 53%,however the remaining 47% for the public sector. This has made a stable market opportunity for the industry.

Medical equipment and equipment inBrazilis in good business, it is expected to show participants' commitment to expand into the Brazilian IVD market. There is an ever-increasing demand for new technology in the lab sector or to improve the R & D investment in the IVD market and the additional growth of laboratory equipment refueling. As to diagnostics,. Brazilian health professionals and patients are demanding innovative products, targeting infectious disease and cancer disciplines. Brazil is the largest population country in Latin America, accounting for 33% of the region. It is expected that by 2050,the distribution of population will be transferred to the population over 65 years of age, accounting for 21% of the total population of Brazil, 7% higher than 2010. Aging population changes are expected to increase the incidence of disease, because the aging population is more susceptible to disease and disease.