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Cardiac Injury Markers And Its Application

Feb 16, 2017

Cardiac marker test is widely used in diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, cardiovascular disease detection, diagnosis and treatment is of great significance. Cardiac markers including markers of myocardial damage markers, heart failure and cardiovascular inflammatory markers
Cardiac injury markers and its application
Acute myocardial infarction died (AMl) is the cause of high mortality rates in clinical disease, typical case can be based on medical history, symptoms and specific changes of electrocardiogram diagnosis, but a lot of clinical practice found that about 25% of AMI patients with early stage, without typical clinical symptoms; about 50% AMI patients lack specific ECG changes. In this case serum cardiac markers of particular value to an ideal of cardiac markers should have the following characteristics: high specific; after myocardial injury increases rapidly, of long duration; clinical significance unclear. AMI in the process in accordance with the changes of myocardial injury markers can be divided into:
1. Early markers
Includes Mb, cK and CK-MB and cTnT and cTnl can increase symptoms appear within 6 hours. Mb of the earliest, 1-3 hours after an AMI increased cTnI and cTnT is 3~6/hours; cK and CK-MB is 3~8/hours.
2. Advanced markers
Including LDH and its isoenzymes, cTnI and cTnT. 2~3 d after the onset of symptoms can be detected or within such longer time. High LDH and its isoenzymes in 6-10 days; cTnI last 4-10 days cTnT last 5-14 days. Early markers Mb only 18-30 hours, cK and CK-MB of 2-3 days. C-TnT and cTnI is currently considered the best so certified marker, especially of cTnI on missed detected by cK-MB AMI has a reliable diagnostic and subacute myocardial infarction patients value and condition monitoring of AMI and prognostic significance.