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Chinese Diagnostic Reagents Market Conditions

Dec 27, 2017

Currently, the diagnostic reagent market in China can be basically divided into seven parts. The immunological diagnostic reagent market is the largest, with a market share of 29.61%, followed by biochemical diagnostic reagents, blood glucose diagnostic reagents, urine diagnostic reagents, biological diagnostics Reagents 3.97%, molecules and other diagnostic reagents 12.01%. Molecular diagnostic reagents developed in the late 1980s, both in technology and in the market, are among the fastest growing of all diagnostic reagents currently available. The market size of immunoassay reagents has gradually surpassed that of clinical chemical reagents, but biochemical diagnostic reagents will still maintain a larger share due to the difference between the two test objects. The diagnostic reagent industry is an important part of the biopharmaceutical industry. As far as the current situation in China is concerned, the diagnostic reagents in China are still in their infancy and only at the initial stage of product R & D and production. The growth period has not really come yet. China's diagnostic reagent market is less than 1/10 of the global market. In general, the current clinical application of a broader market projects (such as immunological reagents in hepatitis, STD and pregnancy test series, clinical biochemical enzymes, lipids, liver function, blood glucose, urine test series) The technological level of major domestic manufacturers has basically reached the international level over the same period. The series of PCR technologies in genetic testing have basically reached the international advanced level. The series of gene chips and cancer are beginning to catch up with international standards rapidly. However, some projects such as microbiology have made slow progress and have low technical level due to market factors, policy factors and the backward application of domestic electromechanical integration technologies. Although the development of domestic diagnostic reagents is still in its infancy, its high profitability still attracts many investors.

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