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EMCDDA Emphasizes The Growing Threat Posed By New And Established Material, So Do You Know What Is The Established Material?

Jul 24, 2017

The excessive death, the continued supply of new psychoactive substances, and the growing health threat of highly effective synthetic opioids is a matter highlighted by the EU Drug Administration (EMCDDA) in its European drug report in 2017.Trends and Developments in Brussels . In its annual review, the agency also explored signs of increased cocaine supply; the development of cannabis policy; and the use of substance in school students. As the problem of drugs in Europe is increasingly affected by international developments, the analysis is on a global scale. 

"The impact of the drug problem remains a major challenge for European societies. More than 93 million Europeans are trying to live in their lives and a drug overdose for the first time," said Dimitrios, European Commissioner for Migration, Civil Affairs and Nationality, Three years continue to rise.I am particularly worried that young people come into contact with many new and dangerous drugs. Has been highly efficient in Europe 25 synthetic opioids were found between 2009 and 2016, only small rolls need to produce thousands The annual European drug report provides us with the necessary analysis to guide the whole of Europe and the tools to deal with this threat together, not only to protect the health of our citizens but also to prevent huge amounts of money Profits of drugs eventually in Europe and other areas of organized criminal groups pocket.