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Failings Of Welfare Drug Testing

Aug 28, 2017

The government's proposal to drug test the unemployed is motivated by "nastiness" as described by the Australian Medical Association, not by facts,science and plain common sense.The test does not show up heroin or cocaine use, so it would seem these drugs are okay as opposed to cannabis.So if someone had a joint at a mate's place the night before they will get into trouble but the heroin addict skates. Does this seem fair?There are saliva tests for heroin,and the current test kit used can be used to detect cocaine if the authorities so chose.They're not seriously suggesting there are no heroin or cocaine addicts out there are they?I remember the heroin epidemic in Sydney and the associated overdoses, crime etc.

If the government wants to go down this path then surely they should test for these two dangerous drugs as well. And drug testing welfare recipients was tried in the U.S.A and was a costly failure.