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Fertility Test

Jan 10, 2018

It is estimated that about 10-15% of couples experience fertility issues during their childbearing years. In a woman's menstrual cycle only a limited number of days to conceive. The length of this pregnancy depends on the life cycle of sperm and eggs. The average egg can maintain up to 24 hours of vitality after ovulation. Sperm motility cycle more variable, will be affected by many factors such as the type and quality of cervical mucus in sexual life. Sperm can survive for 3-5 days when secreting high yielding mucus.

As a result, women can conceive within 5-6 days of the physiologic cycle and most likely conceive at the peak of 2 days of pregnancy - usually the day of ovulation and the following day. Women who want to get pregnant should arrange sexual life before or after ovulation to maximize her chance of getting pregnant. Luteinizing hormone testing is a good way of predicting the 2-day conception peak in a woman's menstrual cycle to help successfully conceive.


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