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Following First FDA Approval for MDx Platform, iCubate Has Eye on Point-of-Care Market

Sep 04, 2017

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Having recently secured US Food and Drug Administration approval for its molecular testing platform and first test, the iC-GPC assay for gram-positive bacteria associated with bloodstream infections and antibiotic resistance markers, iCubate is already planning its next commercial assay.The Huntsville, Alabama-based spinout of the HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology plans to tailor its next bloodstream infection product to a gram-negative bacteria detection and drug resistant genes, and believes this assay will be even more extensive than the gram-positive assay.

Company founder and CSO Jian Han envisions a future where point-of-care testing using their upcoming devices will become the new clinical standard, allowing patients to self-diagnose common diseases in local pharmacies or store-corner drugstores. According to one beta tester, it has the potential to change point-of-care testing, but the proposed technology is still at least few years off before clinicians will actually be able to implement it.After solidifying its grasp of the bloodstream infection (BSI) technology market, iCubate sees the field of infectious diseases, especially drug-resistant pathogens, as an immediate market need that it will tackle with future products.