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New HIV Weapon: A Cancer Drug That Kills HIV-Infected Cells

Apr 05, 2017

According to UNAIDS.org:

In 2016, there were 36.7 million PLHIV (people living with HIV). Out of these, 19.5 million were on antiretroviral therapy (ART). 1 million have died due to AIDS-related illnesses.Since the start of the epidemic, 76.1 million people have been infected with HIV. Out of these, 35.1 million have already died.

ART is the current and only effective weapon of PLHIV against the virus. The therapy usually is made from three different anti-HIV drugs; three or more drugs are necessary to prevent resistance as HIV is notorious for its rapid mutations. While ART has been effective in controlling HIV from multiplying and allowing PLHIV lead normal lives, it is not a cure and can only kill the active viruses found circulating within the body. That’s the drugs must be taken non-stop to prevent reactivation of sleeping (latent or dormant) viruses that are hidden in “reservoir cells”.