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How To Get A More Accurate Test Result Of Blood Lipid?

Jan 21, 2017

Lipids in plasma is of neutral fats (triglycerides and cholesterol) and lipids (phospholipids, glycolipids, sterol, steroid) General term exists in the human body.

FAT checks carried out in the hospital, mainly on blood (plasma) contained in a method for quantitative determination of lipids.

State of the lipid is stable under normal conditions, but also vulnerable to non-disease factors influence blood lipid levels, in order to get more accurate results, detecting lipids to do the following:

A reasonable diet

Within 12 hours before the blood cannot eat, cannot drink water within 8 hours, within 3 days of not drinking. Animal offal, brains and bone marrow, adipose (FAT) are very high in cholesterol, such as, check before a proper diet so as not to cause a temporary increase.

Two-, pause, some drugs

Some drugs for coronary heart disease to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride, vitamin a, vitamin d can make cholesterol, glyceryl trinitrate and mannitol increased triglycerides can be. Therefore, the 2-3 days before the blood should be temporarily stopped taking the drugs.

Third, pay attention to posture

Best sit on a stool before the blood test, if you are lying down or lying, cholesterol begins to decline after 5 minutes, 20 minutes can reduce 10%~15%; standing for 20 minutes, about cholesterol can reduce the 6%~10%. So sit 5-10 minutes before the blood test, blood position to be stable, consistent and minimal effect on test results.

Four, to grasp the ligating tourniquet time

Before blood tests for the patient, the doctor, ligating tourniquet time, preferably not more than 1 minute, such as ligation of over 2 minutes, cholesterol rise 2%~5%; more than 5 minutes, elevated cholesterol 5%~15%. Tie a tourniquet immediately after a blood test, the patient can alert doctors.

Five, moderate exercise

Lipid 2-3 not to press too hard before the inspection exercise, such as running, playing, jumping, and so on. Overdo it than hard, can increase activity of lipase in fat, leading to lipid lowering, and will have some influence on the test results. Especially older people do not exercise.