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Indonesia IVD Market Analysis

Aug 21, 2017

Indonesia IVD Market Analysis provides market segmentation, discusses healthcare and regulatory trends, and examines in vitro diagnostics (IVD) manufacturers participating in Indonesia's marketplace. The following revenue information for 2017-2022 Indonesian IVD market segments is provided:

Rapid Tests for Infectious Diseases by Category (HIV; STDs; Hepatitis [HBV, HCV, etc.]; Other [includes Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid, RSV, Filariasis, etc.]; Rapid Tests-Infectious Diseases, Total)

Microbiology (Rapid Tests-Infectious Diseases; Lab-based Immunoassays - Infectious Diseases; Molecular Diagnostics - Microbiology; Other [includes supplies, reagents, etc.]; Microbiology, Total)
Hematology (Hematology Systems; Hematology POC; Other [Digital imaging, analysis software, etc.]; Hematology, Total)
Clinical Chemistry (General Chemistry; Blood Gas Analyzers; Critical Care POC; Clinical Chemistry, Total)
Point of Care (POC-Diabetes; POC-OTC/Self-Testing, Other; POC-OTC/Self Testing, Total; Cardiac Markers; DOA/Toxicology; Other; POC-Professional, Total; POC, Total)
Immunoassays (Diabetes; Cardiac markers; Other [Cancer Markers, DOA tests; cholesterol, RIAs for thyroid, hormones, endocrine markers, etc.]; Total, Lab-based Immunoassays - Non-Infectious; DOA testing - rapid tests; Cancer markers - Rapid tests; Cardiac markers - Rapid tests; Others [Pregnancy, Cancer markers, etc.]; Total, POC - Immunoassays - Non-Infectious; Total – Immunoassays - Non-Infectious)
Blood Testing and Typing (ABO Grouping, Immunoassays [ELISA and Rapid Tests], NAT)
Hemostasis (Lab-based Coagulation Tests, POC Coagulation Tests)

Histology (Traditional Non-Pap Stains, Pap Tests, HPV, Other [includes ISH, IHC, Digital Imaging, CTC, and Flow Cytometry])
Major Diseases and Demand for Lab-based Immunoassay Diagnostics (HIV; STDs; Hepatitis [HBV, HCV, etc.]; Other [includes Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid, RSV, Filariasis, etc.]; Lab-based Immunoassays - Infectious Diseases, Total)