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Kit Instructions

Jan 02, 2018

The kit is produced precisely to enable the experimenter to get rid of the heavy reagent preparation and optimization process. Therefore, the kit is usually equipped with the corresponding instruction manual, and the user can obtain the satisfactory result without the need of the manual or with a small amount of optimization.

Kit instructions

The manual generally includes the company logo and name, kit name, kit composition, shelf life, areas of use, methods of use and other items

Manual format as shown on the right:

① generally in the header and footer for the company's name and logo;

② followed by the name of the kit;

③ kit composition should be all the contents of the kit, in order to concise, generally in the form of the form of performance;

④ operation steps is the most important part of kit instructions, the contents should be accurate, concise, easy to understand, can not contain ambiguous sentences, not to vague, typesetting operation steps should be complicated steps to disassemble, people At a glance It can be said that the procedure is the soul of the kit.