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Point-of Care Urine Drug Test Kits Used By Rehabilitation Programs In Canada And US To Help Drug Users Detect The Presence Of Fentanyl In Their Heroin And Opiate Drugs

Jul 31, 2017

A therapeutic urinary test kit used in rehabilitation programs in Canada and the United States helps drug users detect the presence of their heroin and opioids in Fennei. In a law surveillance injection site(SIS) at the Vancouver Coast Health Organization, 86% of the drugs were tested using fentanyI. This is an unexpected application point care test (POCT) that may surprise the pathologist and medical laboratory leaders. On the street a “guerrilla warfare” of experimental diagnostic techniques apply to a problem that a needle exchange program in the Bronx manager has been helping heroin and other opioids users find out if a product they are about to be taken to be distributed test strips designed for testing urine. The addicts who participated in these special programs used the POCT Urine Test strip to test whether their drug was present in fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic, similar to morphine that could increase the efficacy of opioids to fatal levels. Rehabilitation project executives have adopted this approach to prevent drug users from taking over and dying.