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Q&A Of Laihe Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer​ Part One

Sep 21, 2018

Q&A of Laihe Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer

Q: How long does it take to measure hair with drugs?

A: According to the normal growth rate of hair, it can be detected after 15 days of drug abuse. It is important to cut the newborn hair that is close to the scalp for testing.

Q: How is hair collected and stored?

A: When collecting hair, cut 10-15 hairs of 10cm hair close to the scalp, and put the collected hair in a clean paper bag or ziplock bag, and store it at room temperature.

Q: Can bleached hair be used as sample hair for testing? Will it affect the test results?

A: Yes. Bleached hair does not affect the test results.

Q: Can females detect the amount of drugs in their longer hair tails?

A: For women who have been taking drugs for a long time, their hair ends can be used as test samples. Hair that is usually more than 10 cm is recommended for segmentation detection, that is, the hair is cut close to the scalp, half of the hair of the root is taken for one test, and half of the hair is taken for testing.

Q: What should I do if I encounter a suspect?

A: You can take a mane or a beard as a test sample.