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Q&A Of Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer​ Part Two

Sep 25, 2018

Q&A Of Laihe Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer 

Q: What is the ID card in the kit? Can different reagents be shared?

A: The ID card is used to detect identity information identification and instrument calibration of the reagent plate. Different reagents cannot be shared, and different batch numbers cannot be shared.

Q: How is hair properly cut during the test?

A: Take 5mg of hair to be tested (about 10 pieces in 10cm length), and cut the scissors into 1-2mm pieces on the weighing paper.

Q: Can hair be tested directly without lysing solution?

A: No, you should pour the shredded hair into the bottle containing the lysate, cover the bottle cap, shake and mix for 1 minute, then use the pipette to absorb the supernatant of the hair lysis, add 2 drops to the reagent plate. In the sample well.

Q: Why is hair lysate not universal? Why can't I test multiple projects at once?

A: The hair lysates used in different test items use different proteases and cannot be used in different projects. So a crack can only test the corresponding item.

Q: What are the requirements for hair lysis time? What is the impact of too short and too long?

A: The hair lysis process needs to last for 1 minute. Too short a time will result in insufficient lysis and affect the test results. Excessive lysis time will lengthen the entire test time and reduce the detection efficiency. Excessive lysis is not recommended.