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Testing Drugs, Why Did You Choose Hair And Urine Samples?

Mar 11, 2019

The classification of drugs is not simple

According to our laws, drugs refer to opium, heroin, methamphetamine (ice), morphine, cannabis, cocaine and other narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances that are subject to state control and may lead to addiction. When drugs are classified according to their natural attributes, they are usually divided into two categories: narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs.

The most common of these are cannabis, opium and cocaine in the narcotic category.

Although there is no classification of drugs, they cannot escape the following five detection methods.
"Virus testing" method progresses with the development of technology
The growing drug problem has become a global disaster. In addition to harming the physical and mental health of individuals, drug addiction has caused tremendous damage to society and the country. With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, in addition to our familiar urine testing, many modern technologies have been applied to drug testing. “Testing” can be as simple as “pregnancy” and there are more methods and techniques.

Urine test
It (urine test) is currently the most widely used test method, suitable for individuals, drug rehabilitation hospitals, public security departments.
There are two reasons for choosing urine. One is because the concentration of most drugs and their metabolites is higher in urine; the second is because urine testing is cheap, fast, convenient, and easy to carry.
However, it also has its shortcomings. It is only in recent days that it can understand the drug abuse situation of drug users. It is extremely easy to forge and the rate of false positives is relatively high.

blood test
This is currently the most expensive and accurate test method. In addition to urine, the concentration of drugs and their metabolites in the blood is usually high, and the actual amount of the drug can be tested. It should be reminded that many drug users themselves may carry some kind of infectious disease virus, and the blood collection process may bring certain risks to the operator.
In addition, because of its complicated operation and time saving, it is usually not used for fast detection.

Saliva test
Saliva acts as an ultrafiltrate and free drug components are present in the saliva. Therefore, many drugs can be detected by saliva, such as marijuana, ice and ecstasy. Saliva is easy to obtain, does not harm the collector, but is easily contaminated by food, chewing gum, cigarettes, etc., and affects the results.

Hair detection
When the human blood circulates, the inhaled drug remains in the hair. Due to long-term hair growth, this method has been accepted as forensic evidence by the judiciary in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries. Compared with other liquid specimens, hair is not only easy to obtain, but also stable in nature, easy to store, and difficult to counterfeit.
According to the new “drug addiction recognition method” promulgated by the Ministry of Public Security in 2017, the detection of drugs in hair is also considered to be one of the criteria for identifying drug addiction.
However, since the amount of the drug and its metabolites remaining in the hair is small, the requirements for the detection device are also high.

Sweat detection
This is a relatively new drug test method that is applied to the skin for sweat testing over a long period of time (up to 14 days). This method is more suitable for monitoring the situation of abstinence and personnel involved in child custody cases.

How long does the drug stay in the body?
The detection time window for each substance is different. The following are the remaining time for some commonly used drugs (for reference only):
In addition to the differences caused by different types of drugs, the amount of use, frequency of use, and metabolic rate between individuals, differences in body weight, age, and urine Ph values can affect the retention time of the drug in the body.

From Humen cigarette sales to national anti-drug
Looking at China's anti-drug history, we understand the terrible extent of drugs. Fortunately, the development of technology now allows us to better understand ourselves and know ourselves. Anyone who has passed will leave a trace. Still saying, "Treasure life, stay away from drugs."