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The Check Meaning Of HBV

Sep 14, 2018

HBsAg-hepatitis B surface antigen is a marker of infection, and does not reflect the presence or absence of replication, replication, and infectiousness.

HBsAb-hepatitis B surface antibodyis a neutralizing antibody marker and is a major marker of recovery or resistance. Hepatitis B vaccine recipients, if only this one is positive, should be regarded as normal after hepatitis B vaccination.

HBeAg-Hepatitis B e antigen is a viral replication marker. Sustained positive for more than 3 months, there is a tendency to chronic.

The HBeAb-Hepatitis B e antibody is a viral replication stop marker. Reduced viral replication and less contagious, but not completely contagious.

HBcAb-Hepatitis B core antibody is a marker that can be seen in people who have been infected or are infected. The core antibody IGM is a newly infected or viral replication marker. The core antibody IgG is produced after infection and has a certain significance for assisting two pairs of tests.