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The Harm Of Taking Drugs

Jan 09, 2019

1. Physical dependence

Drugs act on the human body, causing adaptive changes in the body's physical energy, forming a new equilibrium state under the action of drugs. Once the drug is stopped, the physiological function will be disordered, and a series of serious reactions, called withdrawal reactions, will cause people to feel very painful. In order to avoid withdrawal reaction, the drug user must regularly take the drug and continue to increase the dose so that drug users can not be separated from drugs.

2. Mental dependence

When drugs enter the human body, they act on the human nervous system, causing drug users to have a strong desire to use drugs, driving drug users to seek and use drugs desperately. Once mental dependence occurs, even after detoxification treatment, it is often several months or even years to fully recover the original physiological function after the acute withdrawal control is basically controlled. More seriously, dependence on drugs is difficult to eliminate.

3. The mechanism by which drugs harm the human body

The pain of withdrawal response, in turn, prompted drug users to do everything possible to avoid drug abuse. Ice poison and ecstasy are central stimulants in pharmacological action, destroying the nerve center of human beings.

4. Impact life

According to statistics from relevant foreign departments, most drug users are short-lived, and their life expectancy is no more than forty years old.

5. Contributing to infectious diseases

Drug abuse not only harms my health, but also causes public health problems such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and sexually transmitted diseases. The most serious problem is the infection and spread of AIDS.