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The Information Of Heroin

Jul 17, 2018

Heroin, a general term for morphine drugs, is a semi-synthetic drug obtained by using morphine alkaloids as a starting point for synthesis. It is commonly known as a few, white powder and white flour. It is a refined product in the Opiateseries.

Heroin is extremely harmful to human physical and mental health. Long-term consumption and injection of heroin can cause personality disintegration, psychological metamorphosis and life expectancy, especially for nervous system damage.

The original heroin was used as a drug to quit morphine addiction, and it was later found to have a stronger drug dependence than morphine, which is more addictive. Moreover, its addiction is the highest and most harmful form of opioids. It is considered to be a chronic recurrent brain disease characterized by compulsive continuous drug use and high recurrence rate. The mechanism is extremely complicated.

Heroin has become the most widely abused drug in the world today. Among all drugs, drug crimes involving the manufacture, smuggling and abuse of heroin rank first.