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The Lyher’s Team Preparing For Thailand Medical Exhibition With A Positive And Careful Attitude

Jul 05, 2017

Under the leadership of all company’s leader and all staffs tireless efforts, Lyher has been recognized by foreign partners, therefore, we also ushered the opportunity in which to go abroad to take part in exhibition.

Lyher’s teams mainly start with the production of video materials, poster, and catalogues of products for this medical exhibition First of all, they have meet difficulties in video clips, video content as well as video recording during the period of making videos. But, under the help of professional video recording personnel, they talk about this problem again and again each other. Lyher’s team learned some new skills and improved themselves. Secondly, Lyher’s team often conduct group discussion, everyone gather together, put forward their own ideas, develop new ideas in the process of making poster.

Finally, during the period of designing product catalogue and file bag, the team members learn from past experience in which the predecessors participated in the exhibition before. They play the collective intelligence, work together to solve the difficulties in the work, and enjoy the work together.

Welcome to our Medical Fair Thailand from September 6th to 8th, booth number A104.