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The Meeting Of National Key Project “Drug Detection And Control” Held In Beijing

Jul 25, 2018

The mid-term on-site inspection meeting of the “13th Five-Year” national key R&D project “Drug Detection and Drug Control Technology and Equipment Research” was held on July 23 in Beijing Huayou Drug Rehabilitation Hospital. Nearly 60 people attended the meeting: China 21st Century Agenda Management Center, Science and Technology Information Bureau (Ministry of Public Security), Anti-drug Bureau (Ministry of Public Security), First Research Institute (Ministry of Public Security), Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Third Research Institute (Ministry of Public Security), Hunan Judicial and Police Official College, Chinese Criminal Police College, Huayou Medical Group and invited experts, main technical backbones, etc.

Xueliang Chen, the project leader and deputy director of the First Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security, gave a report on the main research tasks, completion of assessment target, implementation of the legal person responsibility system and management of the project organization. The project aims to solve the major scientific problems of the "Internet + Intelligent Hardware" cyber-physical technology covered by the full chain of drug-related and detection control. Based on the anti-drug intelligence and anti-drug information platform, the company integrates anti-drug business and realizes the control of the original plant cultivation, precursor chemicals, naphtha drugs, new psychoactive substances, enhances drug investigation and detection, investigates drug-related cases, drug addiction treatment, drug abstaining, rehabilitation and anti-relapse of drug users in the full chain of drug control business.

At the exhibition of project results, the leaders, experts and professors showed great interest in Quantum Dot Fluorescent Hair Drug Tester (Laihe Biotech-- China drug rehab manufacturers) and Portable Drug Saliva Tester. They watched the hair detections of drugs such as MET, KET and morphine, etc. An expert cut his own hair on the spot with the instrument to test, it's fast and the result was accurate, at the same time the qualitative, quantitative results and the numerical value were printed out as the basis of on-site inspection and disposal. The experts expressed their appreciation and affirmation.

Through on-site inspection of prototypes, listening to reports and reviewing mid-term implementation and related materials, the leaders and experts agreed that the project is progressing smoothly.  Ten projects with a great deal of achievements has reached the mid-term goal. The experts also offered the proposal on the next step of the project, on basis of strengthening in-depth cooperation between the various project undertakers, promoting the sharing and support of theories and technologies among the various topics, summarizing the existing scientific research results, planning the next step as a whole according to the requirements of the task book, so that the final product is from the appearance, reliability, stability and other aspects are closer to actual combat.

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Quantum Dot Fluorescent Hair Drug Tester 

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