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What Is a TORCH Screen?

Apr 07, 2017

1. A TORCH screen is a blood test given to pregnant women. It can help determine whether the mother has any infectious diseases that could be passed along to the baby.

2. A TORCH screen can detect numerous diseases, including HIV, rubella, and herpes simplex, among others.

3. A mother can pass infections to a fetus during pregnancy or delivery. Early detection and treatment of these infections is crucial for preventing complications in the newborn.

4. A number of prenatal tests screen for infectious diseases, including a TORCH screen. This test may also used to detect diseases in infants.

5.TORCH is an acronym of the five infections covered in the screening:

(1) Toxoplasmosis

(2) Other diseases, including HIV, syphilis, and measles

(3) Rubella (German measles)

(4) Cytomegalovirus

(5) Herpes simplex