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Tumor Markers Test Kit Note

Jan 08, 2018

Tumor Markers test Kit Note:

1. Reagent preparation: All reagents must be in use before reaching room temperature, immediately after use in accordance with the instructions required to save the reagent. Please use disposable tips in experiment to avoid cross-contamination.

2. Add Sample: When adding samples or reagents, please note that if the time interval between the first hole and the last hole is too large when drawing samples / standards, enzyme conjugates or substrate, will be Leading to different "preincubation" times, which significantly affects the accuracy and reproducibility of the measurements. A sample of time (including standards and all samples) is best controlled within 10 minutes, such as the number of samples, it is recommended to use multichannel pipette sample.

3. Incubation: In order to prevent the sample from evaporating, place the reaction plate in the sealed box with the damp cloth in the test. Cover the plate with the lid or cover to avoid the evaporation of the liquid. After the plate washing, the next step should be done as soon as possible. Should be avoided when the plate is in a dry state; the same time should be strictly observed given the incubation time and temperature.

4. Washing: washing process residues in the reaction wells should be fully laced on the filter paper, do not filter paper directly into the reaction hole in the water, while eliminating the remaining bottom of the liquid and fingerprints to avoid affecting the final enzyme Marker readings.

5. Reagent preparation: Detection A and Detection B Before using the hand centrifuge or a few or a few centrifuge to the wall or cap liquid deposition to the bottom of the tube. Standards, test solution A working solution, test solution B working fluid configuration according to the required amount of use, and the use of the corresponding diluent preparation, can not be confused. Please accurately configure the standard and working solution, try not to trace configurations (such as the test solution A, not less than 10μl) to avoid concentration errors caused by inaccurate dilution; Do not reuse the diluted standard, Test solution A solution or test solution B working solution.

6. Control of reaction time: Please observe the change of color of the reaction well regularly (for example, every 10 minutes) after adding the substrate. If the color is dark, please stop the reaction by adding stop solution in advance to avoid the reaction being too strong, which will affect the microplate reader Optical density readings.

7. Substrate: Store in a dark place. Avoid direct sunlight during storage and incubation.