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What Are The Success Stories Of The Drug Saliva Test Kit?

Apr 19, 2019

The most proud success stories of Zhongsheng Langjie include:
(1) Security World Moat in 2010 Shanghai World Expo: Zhongsheng Langjie Co., Ltd. cooperated with the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department to use the drug saliva test card produced by our company to screen the driver for drug use at each bay of the road into Shanghai. Provided a solid security guarantee for the success of the Shanghai World Expo.
(2) Zhejiang Province “drug driving” (driving after drug use) control work: “drug driving” is another major social security hidden danger after “drinking”, and it is spreading rapidly. Zhejiang Province has already rectified “drug driving” As an important measure of social management innovation. Our company has not only provided drug saliva detection technology and products for Zhejiang Public Security System, but also provided a large amount of detailed data and materials, which provided theoretical and practical guidance for the formulation and publication of relevant documents.
At the same time, Zhongsheng Langjie cooperated with the People's Public Security University of China, and the severe situation of data and cases of traffic accidents caused by drug driving and the progress of drug control in Zhejiang Province, to the Anti-drug Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, Traffic Management Bureau, Kexin The relevant leaders and other leaders of the Public Security Bureau and Zhang Xinfeng, who handled the drug control, made a number of reports, which attracted the attention and support of relevant leaders and experts. The drug control and control work has been taken as the focus of the 2011 anti-drug work.
Due to the advanced nature and reliability of Lange's drug saliva detection technology and its products, its contribution to the security of the Shanghai World Expo, and its familiarity and important contribution to the “drug drive” management and control business, the company has cooperated with the Zhejiang Public Security System. It has established a good and stable cooperative relationship with the relevant departments of the Ministry of Public Security, and will play a greater role in the national drug control and "drug driving" control and work, making greater contributions.