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What Is Tumor Markers ?

Feb 16, 2017

Tumor markers should have the characteristics of tumor markers are chemical substances of tumor. Or they do not exist in the normal adult tissues and found only in embryonic tissues, or content in tumor tissue than in normal tissue content, nature of their existence or quantity you can prompt tumor, tumor tissue, cell differentiation and cell function to help the diagnosis, classification, prognosis, and treatment guidelines.

Main has following several class: ① cancer embryo protein, as methyl tire protein, and cancer embryo Antigen; II tumor related Antigen, as CA19-9, and CA125; ③ enzyme, as lactic acid dehydrogenation enzyme, and neurons special specific en neuron specific enolase enzyme, and prostate acid phosphate enzyme; II special plasma protein, as Beta 2-giant globulin, and this week protein; ⑤ hormone, as drop calcium pigment, and chorionic promoting gonad hormone, and promoting Cortina; also, original cancer gene, and inhibition cancer gene and product also was increasingly widely to as tumor logo real.