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What You Can Teach Kids And Teens About Drugs And Drug Addiction

Mar 24, 2017

Having kids these days could be quite difficult. Raising them to be healthy and informed is even a greater challenge. Throughout our lives, we are constantly learning about math, science, literature, and many other subjects but rarely do we get an education on how to parent adolescent kids, teens and children. 

Here is a great article by Kitt Wakeley on7 Things All Children Should Know (and can understand) About Drug Addiction.

According to Wakeley, there are numerous tips and facts you can discuss with your child to prevent drug use: 

- teen drug leads to addiction

- drug use starts before high school

- underage drug use could lower your IQ

- prescription pills are the new gateway drug

- inhalants (huffing) cause permanent brain damage

- using substance hurts you academically

- underage drinking puts you in dangerous situations

As a parent, it is important to sit down and teach your children about substance prevention. It is important to take charge of this matter before they experiment, otherwise there can be susceptibility and it might be too late at that point.