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Women’s Health Diagnostic Testing Market: Global Industry Analysis And Opportunity Assessment 2017-2027

Feb 05, 2018

Women’s Health diagnostic testing comprises of various testing and diagnostic procedures for ruling out fatal diseases such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, HPV, urinary tract infections and osteoporosis. Whereas some of the diagnostic procedures are used in prenatal screening and for evaluating pregnancy and fertility. These diagnostic tests also helps in diagnosing STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and infections. Women’s health diagnostic testing procedures are available in hospitals, clinics mainly obstetrics and gynaecology clinics, pathology laboratories and radiology centres. Also increasing number of companies are providing point of care testing devices and testing kits for home usage.


Women’s health diagnostic testing market is growing, this is attributed to increasing prevalence of osteoarthritis, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer. Also the market is expected to expand with the fastest CAGR due to increasing number of prenatal screening tests and anti-natal ultrasound along with increasing product launch for point of care testing devices. Increasing sales test kits for home usage is also expected to drive the revenue growth of women’s health diagnostic testing market over the forecast period.  In addition to this, growing healthcare expenditure, and rising awareness and apprehension regarding various types of malignant tumors, infectious diseases, STDs also aids the growth of women’s health diagnostic testing market as increasing number of patients are opting for the diagnostic tests to rule the underlying cause of their symptoms. Also, availability of newer and advanced diagnostic systems along with increasing strategic partnerships among the diagnostic device manufacturing companies also drives the women’s health diagnostic testing market, giving enormous opportunities to the companies within this market.