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1.What should be testing for ?

With a wide range of tests, the eight most common tests are:

(1)Drug of abuse test kit

(2)Cardiac marker test kit

(3)Tumor marker test kit    

(4)Fertility test kit

(5)Infectious diseases test kit

(6)TORCH test kit

(7)POCT test kit

(8)POCT quantitative analyzer

(9)Hair Drug Trace Rapid Analyzer

2.How many aspects of our products can be applied?

(1)For home test

(2)For research and experiments

(3)For rehabilitation addiction treatment center

(4)For clinic/hospital

(5)For military recruiting and high-risk group census

(6)For physical examination

(7)For related special industries

3. Where is our market?

We got ISO 13485:9001 and CE certificate. Our main sales market is Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Oceania.

4.What is our business philosophy?

We believe in the credo, “Sincere, Pragmatic, Efficient and Innovative”, which motivates us to develop on the basis of talented people and technology, continuously provide public health testing products and services.

We promise to provide After-sale Service & Quality Guarantee to every customer.

Buy it at your ease, use it at your comforts.